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Instruction offered to gentleness of Dr. Víctor de Oliveira.


It costs the clarification, which this stated procedure serves to guide the professional Veterinario performer, not for persons' use that they are not qualified to solve problems that could happen as consequence of the surgical act and incur neither adventurousness nor negligence.


1er. (Principal) court:

There is realized a straight court perpendicular to an imaginary line that happens for the apex of the ear to the center of the base of the ear, taking as top limit of court, the top rim of the crease of the ear " pancake ". To see Figure 1.

2nd. and 3er. court (rounded):

The 2nd one. court is a straight court, removing a triangle in the "pancake", the sufficiently big thing, so that almost it eliminates the above mentioned crease, " pancake ".

3er. court is also a rectum, in the opposite end of the 2nd one. court; taking a minor triangle from the realized one in the 2nd one. court. To see Figure 2.



- The 2nd one. cut (triangle) it must be bigger than 3er. cut (triangle)
- 3 courts must be straight, clear, the final rounding of the ear takes place for the cicatrización and withdrawal of the above mentioned scar of the realized court.
- It is a handmade court, it implies neither perfection, nor extreme similarities, which would not be a rational chord to the size of the ears in this moment. Therefore it is of waiting for change of size and it forms of both ears after the later growth is realized.
- The original court of ears realized in the field, was done to knife with only a court that was eliminating the top of the ear, staying longer and not so rounded these.

To realize the court of another ear, an alternative is to "mark" the line of court, superposing the cut top of the first ear, facing the pavilion of this one with the respective one of the second one. On having pressed them between yes, a blood line remains pronounced visible good. Of this form we will be assuring the equality of two courts. To see Figure 3.


General considerations:
At once of realized the court, to disinfect spending a cotton absorbed in some antiseptic one (Ej.: hydrogen peroxide) and to press strongly the ear in some seconds to cut the bled one (hemostasis for compression).

The newly cut ear, when it stays of the correct length, is almost rasante to the head.

To deliver the pup as soon as possible to the mother, so that she takes charge licking the wound and setting it to suck. From this moment the bitch takes charge of the attention of the wound, being in general sufficient.

To realize the courts of ears in the hours of minor heat of the day, or in ambience with controlled temperature, as way of reducing bled excessively and therefore the hemorrhages.

It is possible to lower the temperature of the pups by means of the use of refreshed or frozen "sachets", inclusive applying them directly on the ears. In cases of bled excessive, the latter procedure serves to help to control the hemorrhages.

The best moment to realize the court is between the 3 and maximum 10 days of life, with which there are minimized the risks and suffering, consequence of the mutilation.

Originally the courts realized about the month of life of the pups which was provoking major suffering, excessively bled and therefore many more primary and secondary complications.

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