City of the Coast, March 16, 2006.


That difficult does to himself to speak about us, perhaps because of it, we leave this part of the place by the end. Our life with the beagles began as well as accidentally...

Surely so much to my husband as I us always liked the animals, we were always persons "bicheras", as are said they in Uruguay those who like the animals. But up to the moment in which we had the first beagle, our contact with the world of the cinofília was only to take a dog as a pet in our hearth.

When we acquire Panchito, we had all the necessary conditions as for not to have a pup. Both we were working the whole day out, and were living in a small interior apartment in the city of Montevideo.

It was a love at first sight, Panchito (Woodcutter's Baghdad), it was in a Pet shop in a shooping of Montevideo, we entered only to observe the pups that there existed, and could not extract the sight of a pup.

The veterinarian (he wanted the coincidence that some years later we were meeting again with him, and at present he is the veterinary doctor responsible for our breeding ground, in addition to a very good friend), it put it in my arms, Panchito in that one age of that time a cachorrón of three months and a half, and the race beagle was not still spread in our country.

We ask
-: " What race is ", and do I remember that he said to us " beagle, as the Channel of Beagle ".
-: " Do they grow very much? ". It was another question, on having seen the size of that one cachorrón hugely, with those patazas!!!
- not!: does it dress the movie " The second opportunity " in Harrison Ford? ... the dog that appears there is a beagle.

I remembered perfectly the movie, but vaguely to the dog. Anyway I wanted this pup, which in reality little cuts was happening in the arms.

In spite of the price, which was a small fortune for us in this moment, Panchito it came to our lives, and across him, we enter the world of the cinofilia. Hence, the exhibitions, to change to a house with area, the upbringing, it was a predictable consequence.

Having a house, did that we needed also a guard's dog, and our contact with another race of our loves ... the Uruguayan cimarron.

Our family continued growing, and not only on the canine part; Facundo (7 years), and Santiago (2 years), they were born and grew up between pups and exhibitions.

Across the years we have learned, have been wrong, we knew the kudos of the victory and the displeasures of the defeats.

We have shaken and made happy with the births and tears have been spilt when some of our partners of four paws has gone away. But never, not in the worst moments, we go out of the goal that since we begin with the upbringing we notice, to breed with ethics and fondness for the animals.

Our dogs, they are not only padrillos, mothers and champions, they are the playmates of our children, we see them growing, since they are born in our hand (and in our living), and we see them aging sunbathing in the garden.

Doing an inventory of our trip for the world cinófilo, we feel satisfied of what we have reached, and continue learning every day, since there is always to improve.

In these years, many people are the persons to whom, for different motives we must be grateful what today we have achieved.

Pablo Orlando, who was our first handler, for us forever the handler of Panchito (chitoman, as he was saying to him), of his hand is brought in by us to the world of the exhibitions and the dogs of show, and to his father Luis Orlando, for his experience offered as breeding and great judge.

To Pablo Miraballes and his missis Maria Basedas. Pablo was our handler and today both are always our friends, ready to give a hand, and to sharing an agreeable moment beyond the rivalries of the shows.

To Dr. Víctor de Oliveira, good friend and veterinarian, to the order when we have needed it in the emergencies of our dogs, and in the mishaps of the life always we always find his widespread hand.

To the judges, and breeders of whom for one or another reason we have learned, since they could transmit us generously some knowledge.

To our dear friend Adriana Bonomo, always present always helping in what is necessary, offering to us his fondness and his unconditional support in all the ambiences.

To our dogs, which are and those who have gone away, without them nothing of this would be possible...

Finally to our two small children, Facundo and Santiago, which without asking for it they will have his canine heredity, which seems to like them, but in reality they did not have the option, since they grew between parideras, travelled from small to the exhibitions embraced to pups, learned to walk lit of the tails of the dogs, shared his cookies with them and his first word was a " woof ".

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