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The CIMARRON URUGUAYO has benn very useful in our Country during all our history, we cherished very much a phrase said by our national hero, Don José Artigas. "When I run out of soldiers, I will fight with Cimarron dogs".

We hope that the organizations that constitute the FCI will learn to recognize all its virtues, virtues that have placed the breed in a very remarkable place in our Country in different activities: cattle work, big game hunting (specially wild boars), protection, defense...and specially as a mans´s great partner in every need.

Brief background:

Many of the domestic animals that where brought into América by the first conquerors turn back to live in freedom,becoming wild. These animals never came completely to a complete wild stage, all of them kept some of their domestic characteristics. The word "Cimarron" is use in America to name all wild animal or plant, as oposite to domestic.

The origin of our "Cimarron Uruguayo" is uncertain as almost as every breed.

What we do know is that comes from crosses between the dogs intnroduced by the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors. Many of these dogs were shiftless and from these crossings, nature was shaping capriciously the stock until reaching a definite type: our CIMARRON URUGUAYO.

This same natural selection was rsponsible for the survival of only the strongest, the more astute, the more apt. They grew to become very well adapted to the surroundings, and with plenty of food and no natural depredators, the Cimarron bred in great numbers, to become a real danger for live stock and even for people, according to some historical documen ts. That was the reason, for some big killings ordered and encouranged by the authorities of the time (end of XVIII and beginning of XIX century). The tales talks about tens of thousands roaming te country.

But, in spite of that "...a great number of bitches with theirwhelps reached the woods of the Olimar River, the Otazo hills and the Cerros Largos (Long Hills)..."

Many ranchers of Cerro Largo, knowing the Cimarron Uruguayo virtues at cattle work and property defense, started some selective work, preserving them form cross breeding.

Thanks to this arduous work, today we Uruguayans are able to enjoy their qualities. We hope in the future dog lovers of the rest of the world will do it so.

The Cimarron Uruguayo in the last ten years

In 1969 a Cimarron was shown in an official dog show organized by the Kennel Club Urguayo for the ferst time. In 1989 the Cimarron Uruguayo was definitive recongnized by our Kennel Club, at that time was established the Breeders Association, and together with the Kennel Club the first official standard of the breed was drawn.

The selection of the basic dogs started from this moment, and the puppies are registered and tattooed by The Kennel Club, reaching today more than 4500 registred dogs.

Since 1989 Cimarron dogs had been shown in practically all the general shows organize by the Kennel Club and also in about 20 specialty shows a year held by Breeders society, in the country and in Montevideo, our capital city.

In the last years the breed has developed a lot thanks to the work of many local enthusiasts, and we have breeders also in other countries, specially in Argentina and Brazil.

This progressive growing is looked into and scrupulously supervised, taking care of all morphological and temperaments traits, and hereditary qualities of soundness and behaviour.

For a specimen to be recognized as basic, it has to be examined and approved by three specialized judges.

A project is under way at present, run by the breeders association together with the Veterinary University, to study the zootechnical status, the level of individual and family kindred in all registrered animals.

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