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Amid bear market woes, ABBC Trade offers a silver lining: 300% BUSD rewards

  • ABBC Foundation has announced the launch of its new portal, ABBC Trade.
  • Users who trade their ABBC coins can earn 300% BUSD rewards in 365 days.
  • ABBC coin holders can also invite friends to redeem their ABBC coins through referral links and receive 7% BUSD instantly.

Global blockchain technology organization ABBC Foundation has announced the launch of its latest ABBC Trade portal. Users who trade their ABBC coins using the platform will be able to earn 300% BUSD rewards. Additionally, users can avail other BUSD rewards through referral systems and monthly events.

Apparently, ABBC Trade is ready to provide users with a “fast, efficient and secure crypto experience” when using the portal. Additionally, users can track all the BUSD rewards they have earned and are eligible to claim every 7 days through the Aladdin Pro Wallet.

The ABBC Foundation stated on its blog that holders can redeem their ABBC coins for a minimum of 300 BUSD and a maximum of 3,000 BUSD each month. As for users reaching the maximum limit, they should wait at least one month before continuing to trade ABBC. Further information can be found in the ABCC Trade User Manual.

Notably, ABBC Trade users can refer their friends to open an account in the ABBC Trade portal using a referral code and earn 7% BUSD as a referral fee which they can receive immediately once their guest subscribed to a plan.

In addition to the offers mentioned above, the ABBC Foundation plans to hold a monthly Bonanza event where one lucky winner with an active ABBC Trade plan will have the opportunity to double the amount traded on their plan.

With the current market situation, the goal of providing huge returns to crypto investors is a beacon of hope for the crypto community. As mentioned, ABBC assures its users that 300% BUSD rewards will be given to those who trade their ABBC coins on the platform over a period of 365 days. Amid the collapse of FTX and the darkening of the crypto space, this promise is a relief. However, investors around the world are staring at market meltdowns, expecting a long and treacherous crypto winter.

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