Afterpay and New York Fashion Week Announce NYFW Unlocked Program

Payment technology company Afterpay has announced its New York Fashion Week calendar of events, bringing a new world of accessibility for consumers nationwide.

During this NYFW season, Afterpay will host a number of online and offline activities that will allow viewers and consumers to interact with Fashion Week through live shopping experiences and interactive events. Consumers will also be able to use “See-Now-Buy-Now” technology at a number of trade shows, which will allow them to purchase the collections from their sofa.

The week kicks off with Afterpay’s Dropshop located in Times Square, combining Snapchat technology with the Dropshop concept. Launched in April, Dropshop gives Afterpay customers quick access to limited edition collections, with virtual trials through the use of Snapchat’s augmented reality. Afterpay will bring the concept to the streets of New York City, with a Dropshop-style physical shopping event.

Throughout NYFW and beyond, consumers can also attend the House of Afterpay, a pop-up store featuring a number of exclusive products. It will also host educational conferences and styling workshops, designed to engage the consumer in the retail experience. Other events will include celebrity styling sessions, an Empire State Building lighting change, and an afterpay Afterpay.

Afterpay co-founder and co-CEO Nick Molnar said in a statement, “In September, Afterpay defends the city that never sleeps, ignites New York retail, and opens up fashion to the consumer. in a way that has never been done before. With a week of interactive events, Afterpay is proud to support New York City’s economy and kick-start a new future for the fashion industry around the world.

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