AMNY Health Marketing Hosts Webinar for Health Marketers

The pandemic has upended just about every aspect of life as we know it, especially health care. Patient expectations, health office protocols and procedures have changed, and understaffing remains an issue, affecting all types of health care facilities – from large hospitals to private practices to seniors’ residences.

In response to the challenging environment facing healthcare marketers today, Advance Media New York will be hosting a marketing webinar focused on the healthcare niche from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday. June 16.

Facilitated by AMNY’s team of healthcare marketers, data managers and creative minds, this free one-hour session will explore topics such as:

  • Health Marketing Trends and Data in Upstate New York, including planned marketing spend, patient interest and more. AMNY will explore how this data helps inform critical healthcare marketing decisions, such as determining the media mix, understanding patient motivation, and establishing a range of services for your healthcare facility. .
  • Tell your brand story with compelling creatives. Get inspired to create your own creative message to tell your brand story, communicate patient benefits and attract new employees. AMNY will take a critical look at communication across different platforms, with a focus on creative video development, messaging and distribution tactics.
  • Diagnose and solve common healthcare marketing problems. Discover real-world applications of marketing strategies from AMNY’s healthcare marketing experts. Using real-world case studies, the AMNY team will showcase tactics that solve common marketing challenges, including how to attract and recruit top talent and how to acquire and retain new patients.

AMNY Healthcare Marketing panelists include: Julie Perkins, Director of Digital Strategy, Matt Sourwine, Head of Creative Services, Cathy Fischer, Head of Advertising Account, Taryn Tatarinowicz, Director of Training and Market Development, Robin Thompson , Head of Talent Development and Sarah Gambell, Executive Advertising Account.

To register, visit:

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