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Main characteristics

Analytics enables efficient management of a distributed cloud system by consuming and processing data to produce information useful for decision making. With comprehensive monitoring of the cluster stack and cloud infrastructure services, analytics collects, analyzes and visualizes cloud behavioral data to help you keep your cloud operational and optimized while reducing operating costs.


Collect a large and in-depth data set tailored to your needs. Data can be pulled from all layers of the system, including infrastructure, cluster, services, and applications. Detailed memory, processor, file system, and service state data is collected to ensure the entire operational landscape is monitored.

Reduced costs


Aggregate structured and unstructured data, including logs, metrics, and traces. Whether at the individual host level or aggregated with the local or distributed cluster, data is enriched to provide context beyond the metric and timestamp and includes markup, transformation, and pre-processing. .

Easy to use

Process and store

Process and store with replication indexing, which provides redundancy as robust as the system and makes data faster for search. Lifecycle management ensures that data is managed appropriately and only persists for as long as necessary.

Certifications and compliance


Analyze data for powerful insights from the distributed cloud. Visualizations, dashboards, and trend analysis provide a view that can be interpreted for proactive decision making to keep your network healthy and optimized.

Product rating

Stay informed

Receive proactive alerts and reports so you always know what’s going on in your distributed cloud.

Commitment to open source and open standards

Wind River is an active participant and leader in critical industry standards and open source initiatives for building critical infrastructure.

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