BBB Disclaimer: Does Not Deliver Products, Consumers Say

Better Business Bureau serving Central Virginia issues warning on Sneakfoot, a website that promotes itself as an “independent reseller” of brand name products ranging from shoes to clothing.

BBB has received over 7,000 inquiries and over 450 complaints from consumers in the United States and Canada who allege that customers have made purchases from the company but have not received their merchandise or refund. The vast majority of complaints come from California, New York, Florida, Virginia, Texas, Washington, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. Almost all states have an affected customer.

BBB records indicate that this company has a complaints model. The company claims to be located in Glen Allen, Virginia, however, BBB investigators have discovered that the location is a mail store with a post office box. The website claims to be registered in Canada with a European headquarters in Ireland.

A complainant told BBB: “I ordered a pair of shoes a few months ago but haven’t received them and they are no longer responding to my emails asking for a refund of my order. “

Another consumer said, “I have emailed, texted, tried to call and contact this company by DM. I have held out my hand MANY times. This business is a SCAM! They have to reimburse me and delete their website. It’s been a month and they never responded or anything.

“The Internet is a double-edged sword: great for communicating and learning, and great for scamming and cheating. You have to seek, seek, seek, especially if you’ve been approached unsolicited, ”said Barry N. Moore, president and CEO of the BBB serving Central Virginia. “If you don’t do it too often, you end up being scammed,” Moore added.

How can consumers be sure the websites you shop from are legitimate?

When shopping online, BBB reminds consumers:

  • Be a wise buyer. When shopping online, be sure to take your time and read the fine print before submitting your order. Look for the Return policy; While many online orders can be returned for a full refund, others have a restocking fee. Some items cannot be returned; know before you buy.
  • Beware of offers that are too good to be true. Offers on websites and in unsolicited emails may offer free or very low prices on hard-to-find items. There may be hidden costs, or your purchase may sign up for a monthly fee. Look for and read the fine print.
  • Buy with a credit card. In the event of a fraudulent transaction, a credit card offers additional protection; it’s easier to dispute charges you haven’t approved or get your money back if something goes wrong. Debit cards, prepaid cards or gift cards do not have the same protections as a credit card.
  • Keep the documentation of your order. Save a copy of the confirmation page or confirmation email until you receive the item and are satisfied. Make sure you know and understand the Return policy and keep this documented with your purchasing records.
  • View the company profile on Look to see if they have a pattern of complaints or negative reviews.

Read more BBB tips on smart shopping online.

Report scams to, and visit to find reputable companies.

Learn more about BBB accreditation standards and BBB Standards for Confidence. Learn to become a BBB accredited company.

BBB Serving Central Virginia contributed this article.

About BBB: BBB serving Central Virginia serves Richmond, the Tri-Cities, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg, as well as 42 surrounding counties, from Fauquier to Mecklenburg and Northumberland to Amherst. The non-profit organization was established in 1954 to promote responsible, honest and ethical business practices and to promote customer confidence through business self-regulation. BBB’s primary services include Company Profiles, Dispute Resolution, Truth Advertising, Scam Warnings, Consumer and Business Education, and Charity Review.

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