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By Arif Kazi

Recession is a very strong word that pushes companies to press the freeze button on cash outflows. Every business wants to save their money because the consumer spending pattern is bearish during this time. The United States to this day looms under the impact of nearly a dozen official recessions it has experienced since 1945.

Being about to face another recession, we have to assess our expenses like every other business, but stopping or reducing marketing expenses during this time is a strict suggestion.

Why is that? First, limited marketing activities will lead to a decline in market share and brand voice, which in turn will lead to limited brand awareness. If your products have value but you don’t market them in the middle of the recession, potential customers won’t find you and give in to your competing brands. With a high number of missed market opportunities, your long-term brand visibility can be hampered.

To avoid failing when the time is right, here are nine ways you could consider staying profitable even during an economic downturn.

Consistent branding is key – A recession certainly takes more effort than at other times. But you have to be there, showing your existing and potential customers that your brand is there. With lean competition, the space is free enough with more room for your marketing message to be quickly picked up by viewers. Planning a healthy mix of activities throughout the month, including emails, blogs, newsletters, and online advertisements, will help you maintain a consistent brand voice to reach the right audience.

Invest in high-performing marketing channels – You want your investment to yield high returns where you can’t go all out in branding on every channel and extinguish your limited budget on behalf of nurturing prospects. Your approach must be calculated. Review the channels that helped you generate the most leads, engage the most customers for your brand, etc. If you consistently market your products on Facebook or Instagram, see which ads performed the best. A digital marketing expert can help you understand which channels worked in favor of your brand and which were money-hungry with little or no uptake.

Track Consumer Spending Behavior and Adapt – The public will hardly spend if there isn’t a need that suits you, especially during a recession. Seeing how customers are spending in your industry and making the marketing adjustment will help you stay afloat in these turbulent times. For example, if credit-based payments are what customers are looking for at the time of purchase, you need to maximize your reach with channel partners who are ready to adopt the credit-based payments structure. Reducing the fear of one-time payment by providing customers with flexible EMI options is also beneficial.

Hyper-Focused Approach for Maximum Returns – getting maximum ROI from every investment in a marketing plan is the expectation of every marketer, regardless of the market scenario, bullish or bearish. Target marketing helps you reach the niche audience directly, which helps you maximize your returns. If you run an artisan chocolate business, your drive to maximize conversions for your chocolates would be to reach out to the chocolate lovers you met and exchanged contacts with at the upcoming chocolate expo. is held recently. Personalized marketing will bring you maximized returns.

Visual Approach Helps Reinforce Brand Voice – There couldn’t be a better way to engage existing and potential consumers about your brand’s story, the value it adds to consumers, or current offers. on your brand’s offerings, video format proven to engage maximum viewers in less than a minute.

Invest in local SEO – If your business caters to a particular region, hiring a local SEO expert or agency will help you reach prospects through search engines in the ideal way. Suppose your business specializes in tiles and bathroom items, your Google Business Profile will show up as the top result when many contractors, individuals and builders are looking to source materials for new construction and renovations. home renovations. Maximum photos, quick responses to Google Business queries, and legitimate phone numbers will do the trick for your business profitably.

Maximize Customer Experience – You know that your customers or future customers already have a lot to suffer in a global cash shortage scenario. You don’t want to hurt their feelings by providing them with inferior services/products. Suppose you run an online shoe business. To improve your customer service, you might want to engage your consumers through a spin game where they can pocket guaranteed goodies like a pair of socks, shoe polish, etc. of economic slowdown.

Lead Development Plays a Big Role – Not every campaign is a magic wand that guarantees leads, we all understand that as marketers. Especially in a recession, you may not see any conversions. In times like these, nurturing your leads is what you need to focus on. Educating them about the industry you work in and the importance of it can keep your lead committed to your brand for long-term conversion once the recession passes. For example – If your company manufactures air purifiers, you might want to tell customers about the Indoor Air Quality Index and natural ways to improve it through your newsletters or blog posts.

Outsourcing a professional agency for your custom needs: While product development and other aspects of cost control may be on your cards as an immediate action against cash outflows, to prevent your brand image and your marketers don’t suffer in a recession, hiring a professional digital marketing agency like Dust Value can help you maximize your return on investment too cost-effectively.

Recessions have always scared not only marketing professionals, but everyone in this world with a different magnitude of impact. Your primary drive should be to revamp your workforce for efficient operations, continuous monitoring of industry and market trends to adapt to, a marketing team that can track and predict changing behavior of consumers, strategic budgets for marketing activities, and last but not least – the courage and flexibility to develop marketing strategies even during recessions.

The author is the founder and managing director of Dust Value

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Ocuphire partners with Viatris for the marketing and commercialization of Nyxol eye drops Sat, 19 Nov 2022 17:32:05 +0000

November 19, 2022

3 minute watch



Healio Interviews

Sooch says he is the founder and CEO of Ocuphire Pharma

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NEW YORK – In this Healio video perspective from OSN New York, Mina Sooch, founder and CEO of Ocuphire Pharma, discusses the company’s partnership with Viatris for the marketing and commercialization of Nyxol eye drops.

According to Sooch, Ocuphire aims to submit a new drug application to the FDA later this quarter for the reversal of mydriasis, Nyxol’s first indication. The ophthalmic solution is also being studied for the treatment of presbyopia and night vision disorders.

“2023 is set to be another year of many catalysts in our programs, with the potential commercialization of Nyxol and this partnership that we look forward to sharing more about and being a part of in the years to come,” she said. .

PhD in Food Science. Wason Student Selected for Food Marketing Institute Foundation Scholarship Thu, 17 Nov 2022 06:08:21 +0000

Fred Miller

Food Science PhD student Surabhi Wason’s research focuses on improving microbial safety of low humidity to improve food safety.

Surabhi Wason, a U of A PhD student, was selected by the Food Marketing Institute Foundation to receive a $3,000 scholarship.

Wason, who is working on a Ph.D. in Food Science, also received registration, travel, and hotel fees to attend the SQF Unites conference in Orlando, Florida.

Wason’s research is part of a three-year USDA-funded project to improve low humidity microbial safety using novel thermal (radiofrequency) and non-thermal (antimicrobial gas technologies) technologies. The objective is to provide solutions to improve food safety without compromising the nutritional and sensory qualities of food.

She is advised by Jeyam Subbiah, professor and head of the Department of Food Science and researcher and scientist at the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, the research arm of the U of A System’s agriculture division.

Wason plans to pursue industry-based projects and focus on the full inclusion of food safety and quality elements in production as well as quality assurance operations through the implementation of standards standards of food safety management systems in food industries.

“Attending the SQF conference will allow me to connect with peers in the field of food safety and share skills and experiences to contribute to a better world when it comes to “food safety”, he said. she declared. “I am grateful to my advisor, Dr. Subbiah, for his continued support and guidance.”

The IMF Foundation provides vital research, collaboration, and education to address food security, health, and nutrition concerns. Founded in 1996, it aims to ensure the continued quality and efficiency of the food retail system and is operated for charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

SQF Unites offers a wide variety of opportunities for education, peer connection and engagement. Participants learn valuable food safety information, knowledge of the latest industry trends, and establish new business relationships.

About Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences: Bumpers College provides life-changing opportunities to position and prepare graduates who will be leaders in businesses associated with food, family, environment, agriculture, sustainability and quality of life. human life; and who will be first-choice candidates for employers looking for leaders, innovators, decision makers and entrepreneurs. The college is named after Dale Bumpers, a former governor of Arkansas and longtime U.S. senator who propelled the state into national and international agriculture. For more information about Bumpers College, visit our website and follow us on Twitter at @BumpersCollege and Instagram at BumpersCollege.

CEAT appoints Lakshminarayan B as Chief Marketing Officer Mon, 14 Nov 2022 07:13:07 +0000

He will lead the company’s marketing initiatives for all passenger vehicles, trucks and buses in all markets.

CEAT has announced the appointment of Lakshmi Narayanan B as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, Lakshmi Narayanan will lead the company’s marketing initiatives for all passenger vehicles, trucks and buses in all markets and reinforce CEAT’s position as an organization that “makes mobility safer and smarter.” “. Every day’.

Lakshmi Narayanan has a strong sales and marketing background of 18 years. In his last role as Head of Marketing at Asian Paints, he led a diverse team and was instrumental in consistently building a multi-category portfolio and breaking into new market segments fueling growth. His accomplishments include growing business operations in the premium segment, launching and spearheading forays into retail and services that create powerful new experiences for consumers, driving the turnaround of the tools business and building several successes in product leadership. He also worked with Samsung India Electronics early in his career.

Lakshmi Narayanan holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Sardar Patel College of Engineering (SPCE) and an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS). He is a ball enthusiast and enjoys long bike rides to various destinations.

Commenting on the appointment, Arnab Banerjee, Chief Operating Officer at CEAT Tyres, said: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Lakshminarayanan as CMO. He is a highly experienced professional with a solid track record in building brands. His experience in the field of consumer marketing as well as his in-depth knowledge of the consumer psyche will play a central role in the development of our marketing strategy and strengthen our position as a provider of safe and intelligent mobility.

Lakshmi Narayanan added: “I am thrilled to be leading and breaking new boundaries with CEAT Tyres. I’ve seen the brand evolve over the years with major OEMs as well as consumers. CEAT has built an interesting communication and invested intelligently in the sports world and I am committed to playing an important role in building the great foundations that the company has laid in the automotive field. I see an opportunity in building the brand through a seamless and exceptional experience for our consumers and partners. »

TikTok taps Pro Sports for new chief marketing officer Fri, 11 Nov 2022 18:47:00 +0000

Ancient NBA Chief Marketing Officer Kate Jhaveri has been named Global Chief Marketing Officer at ICT Tac.

Jhaveri will work closely with Sofia Hernandez, head of global business marketing for TikTok, who primarily focuses on business and advertising solutions, according to a company spokesperson.

The chief marketing officer position at TikTok has been vacant since Nick Tran left in January 2022. According to the New York PostTran was ousted after he “blindfolded senior management with a series of increasingly bizarre campaigns,” including a plan to open shadow kitchens that would provide dishes that had gone viral on the platform.

Although she recently came from the world of sports, Jhaveri is no stranger to the social media and technology sectors. Prior to her move to the NBA, she was chief marketing officer and senior vice president of customer experience and analytics at the live game streaming platform. Ticand earlier in her career, she held senior marketing positions at Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft.

“Throughout my career I have been fascinated by communities – what brings people together; how communities evolve and grow; and all the amazing stories and people within a community,” Jhaveri said in a LinkedIn post (accompanied by a lovely TikTok video of a very excited dog). “There is no community more creative, educational, engaging and cultural than TikTok and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help shape this brand and tell the incredible stories of this community!”

TikTok is leaning more and more into community engagement and commerce as it continues to gain favor with consumers and brands in the United States – a momentum that will likely only be intensified by the current Twitter meltdown. since new owner Elon Musk took over the reins a few weeks ago.

The incredible fragmentation of data-driven media and marketing Fri, 04 Nov 2022 09:15:52 +0000

In this latest edition of The MadTech Sketch, Ciarán O’Kane provides insight into the fragmented state of the data-driven media and marketing landscape.

Most coverage of this industry remains a reductive exercise. The mantra of duopoly and triopoly market dominance continues to make it seem like all media spending is pocketed by two to three oversized Silicon Valley monopolies.

Outside of SME spending, you can make a strong case against this thesis.

We are now in an era of extreme fragmentation where marketers and agencies have more choice than ever to activate media/data upstream and downstream of the marketing funnel.

Eric Seufert pointed out the ATT effect (App Tracking & Transparency) has had on Walled Gardens in terms of attribution and revenue headwinds.

More privacy on this platform is coming. The market share of the iPhone is on the rise, which worries Google executives. Expect more ATT-like features from Google. This will only compound the attribution issues for the likes of Meta and Snap.

The rise of new, sales-laden media channels, such as retail media, will divert spending away from big platforms. Ad-supported streaming options like Netflix and Disney+ are also turning the heads of agencies and marketers. And let’s not forget the open web where open standards, quality content, and ad-tech innovation keep that spending going.

In this edition of MadTech Sketch, I describe this incredible fragmentation of the media and data-driven marketing ecosystem, giving each segment a “high” or “low” ticker in terms of health check.

Remember: where there is chaos, there is opportunity, especially for ad technologies that solve the really big problems.

Compliance with the new Sec marketing rule Tue, 01 Nov 2022 11:36:00 +0000

As the Nov. 4 deadline approaches, a recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted for the investment advisory community one of the areas of the SEC’s new marketing rule (NMR) that poses a significant regulatory risk, even though the rule itself and the corresponding guidance provided by the SEC staff suffers from a lack of clarity and specificity. With respect to the presentation of net performance at the agreement or transaction level, particularly for client investments that have not yet been monetized or realized, the requirements of the NMR are subject to interpretation. To increase the risk, Kroll expects SEC staff to begin investigations or reviews shortly to determine whether advisers are complying with the rule’s requirements.

For investor communications that are considered “advertisements” under the NMR, the rule generally prohibits the adviser from presenting gross performance unless net performance is presented “side by side” or otherwise with equal prominence. , and other terms, including material accuracy. and documentary support. In another complex layer relating to the determination of net performance, the NMR requires that net performance be calculated over the same period and using the same methodology as gross performance. Assumptions and assumptions must be fully and fairly disclosed. The complexity of determining net performance at the deal or transaction level is particularly difficult for private equity fund managers, especially when dealing with unrealized investments with longer “tails”. long. Given the uncertainties of the rule requirements, some advisers struggle to devise viable and compliant solutions for reporting net performance based on the particular set of facts and circumstances of their investments.

Kroll’s experts have designed the following framework to help advisers provide what we believe to be a credible basis for demonstrating to regulators that the adviser has in place reasonable, risk-based policies, procedures and disclosures regarding its presentation of net performance.

NMR Compliance Action Items

  • Calculate and display net performance whenever gross performance is included in qualified advertising, whenever possible
  • Coordinate with fund accounting staff to memorize methodologies used to allocate transaction-level expenses and associated net performance calculations
  • Design and implement risk-based and appropriate compliance policies and procedures regarding the calculation, testing and documentation of all performance determinations
  • Evaluate the documents and confirm that the net performance is presented “side by side with the gross performance or with equal importance”.
  • Determine whether performance figures are fairly presented, not misleading and materially accurate, taking into account the sophistication of the target investor
  • Clearly disclose methodology, assumptions, limitations and assumptions (if any)
  • Confirm and maintain documentary support for the material accuracy of all performance figures and other material statements
  • Promptly disclose any changes in methodology, assumptions, time periods, etc.
  • Review and update as necessary performance figures in historical marketing materials that may still be accessible to actual or potential investors, including materials in data rooms, DDQs, company websites or used by third-party marketers
  • Confirm consistency of performance figures and disclosures in all investor correspondence that are considered advertisements
  • Provide training to relevant staff, including those in finance, marketing, investor relations and portfolio management functions
  • Update the ADV form

Kroll experts will help you

Kroll’s team of compliance experts can help advisers navigate the complexities of the SEC’s new marketing rule. Among other complex nuances of the rule, advisors should contact Kroll for confidential assistance regarding the following:

  • Independent assessment of material accuracy of performance figures and methodologies
  • Review of materials that may be considered advertising or marketing
  • Develop, implement and periodically test the adequacy of risk-based compliance policies and procedures
  • Comply with the provisions of the books and records of the federal securities laws
  • Training of key company personnel and supervisors
  • Monitoring social media and web platforms for marketing and advertising statements that may be attributable to the advisor
  • Respond to SEC review and enforcement requests

How can Kroll’s Financial Services Regulatory and Compliance team help you?

Kroll’s team of compliance experts can help you navigate the new options and requirements of the SEC’s marketing rules and help you prepare for the fast approaching November deadline. We will develop and update bespoke compliant and practical policies and procedures for your business, address any implementation issues, train your employees and help you draft appropriate and customized disclaimers to prepare for the measures. applications and follow-up examinations of the SEC.

To learn more about the new marketing rule and to prepare your business for these upcoming changes, contact one of our experts.

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Marketing Don Quixote from Meta Quest Sat, 29 Oct 2022 16:48:32 +0000

From where I am, the marketing of Meta Quest continues to falter. They raised the price of Quest 2 from $300 to $400 at the same time that existing customers are losing interest or largely abandoning Horizon Worlds – their VR showpiece, promoted via a Super Bowl ad that made $13 million . To further poison their own well, Meta just pre-announced the Quest 3 for Holiday 2023… during the Holiday 2022 sale. And their main advisor/evangelist was put on the (virtual) stage declare in appearance he has no idea what Meta’s Pro glasses strategy is all about, as well as various other VR grievances.

Now, I’ve been interested in video headsets for over two decades, dating back to the augmented reality research and development of a fellow graduate. But I’m ultra geek and I don’t represent the “civilian” population. Getting people from flat, or even curved, screens to immersive virtual reality is quite a leap. They need scaffolding (another benchmark for higher education) to bridge that gap. What better way to do this by 1) offering existing and familiar media from next-gen hardware 2) made available at an acceptable price – reducing perceived risk by investing in new technologies, while lowering barriers to ‘hall.

Even for me, it was brought home a few weeks ago when the family was away and I wanted to watch The Batman. Because caveman isn’t a physical place, it’s a state of mind… and I seek maximum immersion while soaking up various genres that my wife and daughter have no interest in. A research project follows. Turns out the movie is available on HBO Max… but HBO Max prevents Quest browser playback (unlike Disney+). The YouTube VR app has a superior viewing interface, but I don’t know how to rent at all (aside from Quest) and it seemed complicated, so I upgraded to Amazon’s slow VR app and ran a rental outside of Quest.

Basically, Quest needs an iTunes store, a centralized repository for renting or buying and then consuming all kinds of media in one obvious, unified experience. Sure, some content could be 3D and VR (like some randomly scattered stuff in the existing TV Hub app). But there are plenty of existing and compelling “mainstream” videos (think concerts!) to be had, presented on a seemingly giant screen. And if rolling yours is too much, Meta could partner with someone like Roku did initially to bring movie and TV rentals to the forefront.

Pricing-wise, $400 is a lot to ask for new tech folks and a relatively new hardware company. Apple, they are not. The original Oculus Go, which started at $200, was a Xiaomi collaboration and it’s a shame the two companies moved on because it gave people a taste of what an immersive headset could offer. And, for some, a low-end offer could be perfectly suitable and/or all of this in the budget! While for others, a unit like this might ultimately inspire people to move up the product ladder to a higher performing unit at a higher cost.

Influencer Marketing Platform Market Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 31.50% through 2030 Thu, 27 Oct 2022 11:27:00 +0000

smart ideas

The growing number of social media users is expected to increase the adoption of influencer marketing platforms. Growing use of influencer marketing to satisfy growing demand for expensive lifestyles and fashion brands that are more accessible to people. North America has emerged as the largest market for the global influencer marketing platform market, with a 34.20% market revenue share in 2022.

Newark, Oct. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to report by The Brainy Insights, the global influencer marketing platform market is expected to grow from $10.54 billion in 2022 to $94.24 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 31.50% over the forecast period 2022-2030.

Download the report (PDF of over 235 pages with information, graphs, tables, figures) at:

The overall growth of influencer marketing and the growing importance of Instagram as a top social media channel has led to a substantial increase in the number of brands paying out money to influencers operating there. 56% of marketers are expected to use Instagram for influencer marketing in 2022, followed by YouTube. In comparison, 42% reported online ads, 28% TV ads, 34% TikTok, 18% OOH ads and 19.5% Twitch. Marketers predict that the trend will continue in the future. In addition, the strict advertising transparency regulations and strong brand awareness in influencer marketing have resulted in a remarkable growth of sponsored influencer posts. Posts rank between 2016 and 2017 at 2.65 million posts. These were further predicted to increase significantly to 6.13 million sponsored posts in 2021. With the growth of influencer marketing since the onset of COVID-19, the figure is higher.

For more insight on the analysis of this report visit:

Competitive strategy

To strengthen their position in the global influencer marketing platform market, the major players are now focusing on adopting strategies such as product innovations, mergers and acquisitions, recent developments, joint ventures, collaborations and partnerships.
In June 2021, Marriott International, Inc. included the services of Upfluence Inc. to enhance influencer research by tracking and marketing their global campaign.

Market growth and trends

The advanced application of the Internet for advertising has dramatically changed the business models of different companies and provided marketers with unique ways to reach target audiences. Such promotional actions allow marketers to deliver personalized advertisements, thereby improving the customer experience. Social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest have gained tremendous traction for such marketing goals. These unique forms of branding and promotion are expected to enhance the view of the influencer marketing platforms market in the coming years. Influencer marketing platforms reduce action and save time searching for the influencer on social media. Moreover, it offers an extensive list of influencers with their statistics. Influencer marketing has various benefits like it is incredibly targeted and relevant, helping to acquire customers faster, bringing value to the target audience, increasing SEO and improving brand awareness.

Main conclusions

• In 2022, the research and discovery segment dominated the market with the largest market share of 28.5% and revenue of $3.0 billion.

The applications segment is divided into analytics and reporting, research and discovery, influencer management, campaign management, and others. In 2022, the research and discovery segment dominated the market with the largest market share of 28.5% and a revenue of 3.0 billion. The search and discovery app offers advanced search options to locate suitable and suitable influencers for marketing campaigns. Institutions are adopting the influencer marketing platform to discover potential influencers who can improve brand exposure, increase customer engagement, and promote their brands.

• In 2022, the large enterprise segment dominated the market with the largest market share of 54.5% and revenue of 5.74 billion.

The organization size segment is divided into small and medium enterprises and large enterprises. In 2022, the large enterprise segment dominated the market with the largest market share of 54.5% and revenue of 5.74 billion owing to the growing demand for effective and cost-effective marketing techniques. Various large companies have limited their business activities during the pandemic.

• In 2022, the fashion and lifestyle segment dominated the market with the largest market share of 27.2% and revenue of 2.86 billion.

The end-use segment is divided into travel and vacation, sport and fitness, food and entertainment, fashion and lifestyle, and others. In 2022, the fashion and lifestyle segment dominated the market with the largest market share of 27.2% and a revenue of 2.86 billion owing to the increasing adoption of digital marketing. influence to meet the growing demand for extravagant lifestyles and fashion brands that are more accessible to people. Additionally, fashion companies employ influencers to publicize new clothes and accessories, keeping people up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Interested in getting the data? Inquire here at:

Regional Segment Analysis of Influencer Marketing Platform Market

• North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
• Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Rest of Europe)
• Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, rest of APAC)
• South America (Brazil and rest of South America)
• The Middle East and Africa (UAE, South Africa, Rest of MEA)

Among all regions, the North America region has become the largest market for the global influencer marketing platform market, with a market share of around 34.20% and 3.60 billion market revenue in 2022. Due to the massive number of COVID-19 cases in work from home and an expansion in the adoption of social media for the dissemination of products and benefits. Additionally, the North American region has talent pools based on artificial intelligence, platform development, and digital marketing, leading to the growth of the influencer marketing platform market.

Leading players operating in the Global Influencer Marketing Platforms Market are:

• Blogmint Inc.
• ExpertVoice Inc.
• Fourstarzz Media LLC
• Impact Tech, Inc.
• IZEA Worldwide Inc.
• Julius Works, Inc.
• Launch measures
• Linqia, Inc.
• Quotient Technology Inc.
• Media Tagger Inc.
• Talent Village Ltd.
• Traackr, Inc.
• Upfluence Inc.

This study forecasts revenue at global, regional and country level from 2019 to 2030. The Brainy Insights has segmented the global influencer marketing platform market based on the segments mentioned below:

Global influencer marketing platforms market by application

• Analysis and reports
• Research and discovery
• Influencer management
• Campaign management
• Others

Global Influencer Marketing Platforms Market by Organization Size:

• Small and medium enterprises
• Large companies

Global Influencer Marketing Platforms Market by End Use:

• Travel and Vacation
• Sport and fitness
• Food and entertainment
• Fashion and lifestyle
• Others

You have a question ? Ask our experts:

About the report:

The global influencer marketing platform market is analyzed based on value (USD billion). All segments have been analyzed on a global, regional and country basis. The study includes analysis of more than 30 countries for each part. The report offers an in-depth analysis of the driving factors, opportunities, restraints and challenges to gain a critical overview of the market. The study includes Porter’s five forces model, attractiveness analysis, raw material analysis, supply, demand analysis, competitor position analysis, distribution and marketing channel analysis.

About The Brainy Insights:

The Brainy Insights is a market research company, aiming to provide businesses with actionable insights through data analytics to improve their business acumen. We have a robust forecasting and estimating model to meet customers’ high-quality production goals in a short period of time. We provide custom (customer specific) and syndicated reports. Our union reporting repository is diverse across all domain categories and subcategories. Our customized solutions are designed to meet customer requirements, whether they are looking to expand or planning to launch a new product in the global market.

Contact us

Avinash D
Business Development Manager
Phone: +1-315-215-1633

“Be Next” marketing campaign to attract minority-owned businesses Mon, 24 Oct 2022 19:55:17 +0000

The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) has launched a new integrated marketing campaign called “Be Next” that targets women and minority-owned businesses as part of a plan to attract diverse retailers to the local market “desirable,” according to an MCEDC press release.

The year-long marketing campaign, launched Oct. 11, aims to attract and empower businesses and individuals to make the county “the destination for achieving business goals and dreams,” according to the press release.

“Montgomery County is a desirable destination for businesses to thrive and grow,” County Executive Marc Elrich said in the news release. “But to make sure we attract new business and grow jobs here in Montgomery, we can’t just sit back and wait for business to come to us. We have to go after them aggressively.

The campaign uses strategic placement across various digital channels, including national and local broadcast programming, radio, podcasts, social media and trade publications to reach markets in the Northeast United States.

The county will additionally target companies in the life sciences, technology, real estate, hospitality and nonprofit sectors in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, while s also expanding into the Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and Boston areas.

“We are thrilled to launch this campaign and show businesses of all industries and sizes that Montgomery County is where they can ‘be next’ and thrive,” said Bill Tompkins, President and CEO of MCEDC, in the press release. “We have developed an environment in which companies can create something remarkable and revolutionary – and this campaign is designed to shine a light on the thousands of innovators who have done this and more, and empower those who are waiting to make their mark. Mark.”

Elrich further underscored his excitement for the new campaign, “With our synergy of talent, our great diversity, our convenient location to our nation’s capital, our competitive business incentives and more, we look forward to spurring a wave of of developing new businesses and promoting economic growth in the county,” he said.