Celebrating America’s Top 30 Changemakers in Influencer Marketing: Speak Out

It’s no secret that the influencer marketing space is growing at a rapid pace. Partnerships with influencers are becoming more and more relevant in a growing number of markets around the world, particularly, we have noticed, in the United States.

As the desire for non-traditional influencer partnerships in the US grows, the Talking Influence team has begun to branch out into the US influencer marketing space. In less than a week, we’ll be hosting the first-ever Influencer Marketing Show NYC, and later this year we’ll be co-hosting the Partnership Awards alongside PerformanceIN.

To recognize some of the exceptional people who are driving success in the broader US influencer marketing space, allowing it to expand and thrive, we are going to compile the first-ever list of “30 America’s Top Changemakers in Influencer Marketing”. Fear not, our industry-renowned Global Top 50 list will still be available at the end of the year!

Have your say

The first-ever list of America’s Top 30 Changemakers in Influencer Marketing will be curated using a combination of your nominations and research that will be undertaken by the Talking Influence team.

We invite you to nominate your US-based peers and colleagues who you believe are an asset to the influencer marketing sphere and deserve recognition for their contributions.

Nominations close on May 19, so now is the time to have your say!

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