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When market purchase deliveries became popular at the onset of the pandemic, it was often necessary to schedule the date of receipt of goods, usually within three days or more. Over the months, logistics have improved and 60-minute deliveries are already common in apps like iFood and Cornershop.

Products delivered in 1 hour? Sode and Magalu want to reduce this time even further

As consumers always want more, the São Paulo Daki startup, founded in January 2021, has decided to offer ultra-fast delivery: the company promises to arrive with purchases within 24 minutes. For this, the customer must live in the service area of ​​one of the approximately 60 operating districts in São Paulo, ABC, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro and Niterói.

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To keep its promise, the app uses the strategic dark store system with its own product storage centers. “Our differential is the control of all stages of purchase and delivery,” explains Rafael Vasto, CEO of Daki. “We don’t depend on third-party inventory, buyers and couriers who work for different departments. “

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In São Paulo, for example, there are ten mini-distribution centers with up to 1,000 products each. They act as neighborhood markets and are open Sunday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. And they want to expand: until the end of 2021, the company wants to create 50 mini-centers and take the model to other states. In addition, it is already planning to offer the 3 pm service.

Investment and competition

In June, the startup received a $ 60 million investment in a Series A funding round from Tiger Global, GGV Capital and Balderton Capital. The company has also merged with the Jokr group and benefits from support to accelerate its growth.

Daki shouldn’t be left alone for long in this niche. Rappi has been testing super-fast deliveries since January and by the end of the year it wants to have 60 dark stores to serve the supermarket, beverage and drugstore segments.

Image: Disclosure / Daki

Other competitors could arrive soon, as the service is increasingly in demand, but Daki says he is ready. “Our users have a very pleasant experience in the app. We hardly make mistakes, and competitors can’t tell their customers the same, ”says Vasto.

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