Grocers Use Cash Back Platform To Boost Returning Visits From Shoppers

Four food retailers – Cardenas Markets, Woodman’s Market, Vicente Foods and Lunds & Byerlys – have used the GetUpside cashback promotional platform to boost buyer engagement.

Washington-based retail technology provider GetUpside said this week the additions bring the total number of grocery store locations to more than 175, as well as its geographic footprint in the supermarket channel. Cardenas Markets offers grocery coverage for the platform in Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco Bay Area and Las Vegas markets, while Woodman’s Market offers reach in the Chicago area, Lunds & Byerlys in the Twin Cities and Vicente Foods in Los Angeles.

GetUpside’s solution connects customers to local businesses and uses personalized refund offers to entice them into transactions. The cash back offers are delivered through the free GetUpside mobile app and encourage consumers to visit participating stores and return to shop more often, the company said.

“Cardenas Markets is committed to providing our clients with the freshest, most authentic products at prices that allow them to feed their families,” said Adam Salgado, director of marketing at Cardenas Markets, in a statement. The Ontario, California-based grocer operates 51 stores under the Cardenas banner and eight under the Cardenas Ranch Market banner. “Our partnership with GetUpside allows us to continue this commitment by enabling our loyal and valued customers to earn money on their daily grocery purchases in our stores. “

Lunds & Byerlys

Upscale chain Lunds & Byerlys plans to offer personalized GetUpside refund offers across all of its 27 stores.

Retailers who use GetUpside’s cash back offers generate a 3% to 5% increase in their profits, GetUpside reported. And on the buyer’s side, customers come 1.6 times more often than non-GetUpside users and have 35% larger baskets on average, the company said.

“We pride ourselves on providing every customer with exceptional value and savings opportunities so they have the best shopping experience possible,” said Clint Woodman, president of Woodman’s Market, based in Janesville, Wisconsin, which has 18 stores in the greater Chicago area and northern Wisconsin. “By partnering with GetUpside, we are strengthening our commitment to cost savings opportunities while reaching new customers and motivating our current customers to come back more often. ”

The addition of Vicente Foods, with one store in Los Angeles, and Lunds & Byerlys, with 27 stores in Minneapolis-St. Paul and his surroundings, increase the presence of GetUpside with high-end grocers. Twin Cities-based Lunds & Byerlys plans to offer personalized GetUpside cash back offers in all of its locations, in line with the retailer’s efforts to provide each customer with personal attention and “exceptional value,” according to the director of the operating Phil Lombardo.

“By partnering with GetUpside, we are strengthening our commitment to personalized experiences while reaching new customers and motivating our current customers to come back more often,” said Lombardo.

Overall, the GetUpside platform is live in over 30,000 grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores nationwide, including Gelson’s Markets, Piggly Wiggly and Carlie C’s IGA supermarkets.

“Cardenas Market, Woodman’s and Vicente Foods are community staples,” commented Tyler Renaghan, vice president of groceries at GetUpside. “In an age when people need more value and grocers need more margin than ever before, partnerships like these make all the difference.

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