How new investors can help your store

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Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise in the automotive aftermarket as investors view the industry as an ideal industry to place their money.

There is plenty of cash in reserve that companies and investors are eager to use. They see the strong financial results of the automotive aftermarket and they want to take advantage of the strong and relatively stable times.

But if you’re not looking to sell your store, you can always explore bringing in an investor to add equity and help fuel growth, said Bryan Stasch, vice president of product and content development. at the Automotive Training Institute.

“How many of you are looking to open multiple locations? He asked traders at NAPA Expo 2022. “If you want [growth], you want to open more locations. There is a great way to get more capital [so] we are able to do it.

He didn’t mean the following in a condescending way, but observed that the mindset and abilities of a typical store owner would only take a store so far. That’s something many owners don’t realize or don’t want to admit, Stasch said.

He told the audience during his presentation, Finding money by understanding your financial numbers, that he has published reports on the stores he works with and that most of them have reached plateaus. It takes a certain mindset to hit the million-dollar mark, he said. But then a different state of mind to go even further.

When a store reaches a certain size, it brings new and different challenges. The owner should therefore consider separating parts of the business and having different people in charge of different areas. In other words, the owner cannot oversee everything because the barriers will eventually become too great. So, finding investors can help the company grow and run the business better.

“Someone with a different mindset can help you break down those barriers and get you into an important mode of growth,” he said.

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