Illumina forced to pay nearly $334 million as it loses DNA sequencing patent case – Endpoints News

A federal jury in Delaware on Friday ordered Illumina to pay Complete Genomics Inc., a subsidiary of BGI Group, the world’s largest maker of commercial genetic sequencers, nearly $334 million, finding that Illumina infringed two patents of DNA sequencing.

The case began in 2019 when CGI sued the San Diego-based biotech for patents, alleging that Illumina’s “two-channel” sequencing system and its kits that prepare DNA fragments for sequencing violated the CGI’s patent rights.

The jury found that Illumina directly incited its customers to infringe and contributed to their infringement. The jury also rejected Illumina’s arguments that the patents are invalid as obvious.

Although the jury found that CGI also infringed two of Illumina’s three patents involving similar technology, the jury found that the claims involving all three were invalid and that CGI was not liable for damages.

Sequencing company MGI Tech, of which CGI became a part in 2018, said in a statement that it was satisfied with the jury’s verdict supporting all of its claims.

“Intellectual property protection is very important to life sciences and biotechnology companies around the world, and it is also a value that MGI has always adhered to,” the statement said.

Illumina did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Terminal news.

This isn’t the first time Illumina and BGI have battled it out in court. Last year, according to Law360Illumina won the case and was awarded $8 million in damages, but sought $24 million.

However, the latest move pushed Illumina {ILMN} stock into a 14% plunge on Friday, which continued into the start of the week, with its share price down about 10% since the market opened. Monday.

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