It’s the return to the future for OHO: why experiential is a marketing force

For markets like Singapore, experiential marketing is about to be reborn as the shift to normalcy drives consumer demand for more sensory advertising experiences. The Drum and Stellar Ace have brought together marketing industry leaders from Singapore to find out what is driving this trend.

One unifying theme was the fact that consumers are now starting to spend more time away from home, which means brands have to think about reaching people through all of their daily touch points.

The Drum asked Terence Chen, Marketing Director, Premium Brands at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore, Guan Hin Tay, Creative Director, BBDO Singapore and Franck Vidal, Director APAC, Adcity at Havas Media, why brands are now investing in experience and why it matters. to be able to reach all points of contact through media partners.

Singapore’s largest OOH multimedia and digital company, Stellar Ace, has spent the past year developing its products to reflect this, enabling brands to reach audiences across all daily touch points, as part of its proposal “Home, Travel, Eat, Shop and Play”.

Jeslyn Tan, Managing Director of Stellar Ace, explains: “It is said that consumers have to see an advertisement at least seven times before they really remember it and commit to the product. We have established a seamless ecosystem of daily touchpoints of “Home, Travel, Eat, Shop, Play” to reach the people of Singapore holistically. “

“We will not miss the consumer, and this will allow us to amplify the Online-to-Offline ecosystem,” she adds.

The Drum also asked each marketer what they think brands need to do to be creative and innovative with experience:

Jeslyn Tan, Managing Director, Stellar Ace

Terence Chen, Marketing Director, Premium Brands at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore

Guan Hin Tay, Creative Director, BBDO Singapore

Franck Vidal, APAC Director, Adcity at Havas Media

To learn more about how you can connect with consumers through the “home, travel, eat, shop and play” touchpoints in Singapore, email us here.

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