Launched a new service to provide free menstrual products

Period Product Partner (PPP) has launched a new service to provide free menstrual products in private facilities such as restaurants, bars and corporate offices for one year.

PPP CEO Jada Malot said the goal is to break down the barriers to accessing menstrual products and the monetary hurdles companies face in trying to make these products more accessible.

“We are offering businesses the ability to purchase swab and double swab dispensers at heavily discounted rates that are exclusive to us, as we have purchased these units from ULine and Holland in large volumes, so this price is exclusive to our program,” she said.

Once a PPP business partner buys a dispenser, they own it, but PPP will keep it in stock for free for a year, allowing them to collect data on consumption rates at different locations.

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There is also a personal element to this, as Malot lost his grandmother in the fall and says she was someone who sacrificed a lot for her family.

“Often, to support her family, vintage products, razors and hair washes were the first products that came out of the queue when she didn’t have enough money,” said continued Malot. “So we’re doing this for her, I never want a woman on her period to have to go through the same things my grandma did.”

After the first year of engagement is complete, PPP says the data collected will be used to develop a replenishment plan that allows the partner to maintain replenishment of its distributors.

Malot says they won’t make a profit on distributor purchases or monthly restocking fees for the first year, thanks to the generous support of partners like Unifor Local 240, Local 82 Women’s Committee of CUPE and the Windsor and District Labor Council.

“We are completely short of donations. All donations are greatly accepted, monetary and even vintage products are accepted. We don’t make a dime from this business, it’s not get-rich-quick, the goal is to get these products and these distributors in the community,” she said.

Once consumption data is collected, Malot says revenue from PPP services will be reinvested in the community.

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