Liquor store to track and test all non-vaxed staff

Jacques Scott Agency in Savannah

(CNS): Local wine and liquor retailer Jacques Scott has confirmed it is monitoring the immunization status of all its staff and plans to introduce regular COVID-19 testing for employees who are not vaccinated in all its stores. The liquor chain has a store at Owen Roberts International Airport and therefore, since the start of the repatriation flights, has had to inform the airport authority of the number of employees working at the airport who have and have not. not been vaccinated.

CEO Peter Dutton told CNS that as a result, the company is already tracking vaccine status and managing information within the parameters of data protection law. He said the store also requires new staff to be vaccinated and plans to ask remaining unvaccinated permit holders to get vaccinated before renewal, as this is expected to become law in the coming weeks.

The store chain is the latest in a growing series of employers who are starting to take a tougher stance on their staff status in order to protect the entire workforce and their customers. However, the company does not force vaccines on local workers and said it has communicated with staff on the use of the information it collects regarding their vaccination status.

“We were clear when we requested proof of vaccination to inform staff that this information would be kept confidential,” Dutton said. “We operate a store at Owen Roberts International Airport, and our owner regularly asks us to notify the number of our employees who have or may have access to the airport complex who have and have not been vaccinated. We therefore have no choice but to obtain this information to meet these requirements. All data provided is anonymous.

Dutton added, “The health and safety of all our staff and customers is of paramount concern to us and we await further guidance and advice from the government as border controls are relaxed. “

On Monday, the country moved to phase 2 of the reopening of the borders. Travelers returning to Cayman are now allowed to self-confidently and without electronic surveillance, provided they are vaccinated.

This begins to increase the risk of community exposure to the coronavirus, as the Delta variant produces more infections among those vaccinated, who in turn may be tempted to come out of their home isolation before their end of their lives. five days.

However, officials said in a statement Tuesday that Travel Cayman, which is responsible for inbound travel, is responding to the change by implementing strategies, including physical well-being checks, to ensure people stay in compliance. quarantine protocols. People quarantined without GPS technology must follow all other prescribed quarantine protocols, such as staying in their residence for the duration of the quarantine period and not receiving any visitors. Another important requirement is contactless supply deliveries.

All unvaccinated travelers must still complete 14 days of quarantine, while those whose vaccinations cannot be verified must complete 10 days. These two groups will always carry GPS technology.

The use of GPS technology has made the continuous monitoring of people in quarantine much easier, according to Vice Governor Franz Manderson, who runs Travel Cayman. However, the team identified most of the protocol violations during spot checks or due to reports from other members of the public rather than through technology.

From its inception in 2020 to date, Travel Cayman has helped more than 21,579 travelers with connections to the Cayman Islands enter the country for essential reasons and safely quarantine themselves.

Premier Wayne Panton said the phased reopening plan will slowly reduce inbound travel requirements, and with restrictions reduced, the likelihood of COVID-19 disease re-entering the Cayman Islands community will increase.

The COVID-19 vaccine offers the best protection against the risk the deadly disease poses to Caymanians and residents of all ages, he said. But practicing COVID-19 prevention protocols, including hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing, if they are vulnerable, are other ways members of the public can protect themselves, their families. relatives and the community at large.

“The government, with the support of public health and civil service officials, has spent a tremendous amount of planning and preparation to ensure that we can successfully pass every phase of the plan, which is so important to the economic health of our country. , “he said.” Our goal, guided by science, is to ensure minimal risk to the community and we continually review and improve our processes with this in mind. My sincere thanks to the board for all that we do. they have done so far.

No new cases of the virus were reported among travelers on Tuesday, and with vaccination clinics closed on Monday, the national rate remains at 68%.

Anyone who suspects that an individual has violated the quarantine can report to the quarantine hotline: 943-7233 (943-SECURITY)

Anyone found guilty of violating quarantine is liable on conviction to a fine of up to $ 10,000 and imprisonment for up to two years.

See the vaccine schedule on the HSA website here.

Anyone confined to the home and unable to attend immunization clinics should call the
HSA Flu Hotline: 1-800-534-8600 or 925-6327 or email [email protected]
or contact their local district health center

For more information on vaccines, contact the HSA communications team at
[email protected]

See here for more information on securely verifiable immunization records.

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