Local News: Entrepreneurship Students Start Marketing Business Using Video Game Tournaments (4/30/22)

Harrison College of Business and Computing SEMO students have the opportunity to start their own business while continuing their education.

Principles of Entrepreneurship: ER 361 aims to help students generate business ideas, create business investments, and understand the role of entrepreneurship in a community.

Entrepreneurship professor Dr. Edward Crowley teaches his Thursday business class.

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Entrepreneurship professors Dr. Steven Stovall and Dr. Edward Crowley are two professors who teach ER 361 with different groups of students.

“We don’t expect them to bring a lot of skills into the course,” Crowley said. “It’s great if they had business classes, so they could have some understanding of accounting or finance, but in reality many don’t and come from other majors with no business experience. . So really, it has a lot more to do with mindset, and just being open to learning, having the desire and willingness to engage and take risks and have fun.

Stovall and Crowley put their classes in competition to start a business to see which group could earn the most money during the semester.

“They started with a business and the process they used to get there by doing a brainstorming process where they come up with different ideas and we moderate it, but it’s really their idea, and they own it, and we’re just playing a supporting role at that time,” Crowley said.

After the fall 2021 semester ended, five ER 361 students decided to team up to start their own business.

Day and Age Marketing can be contacted by email at [email protected] Each Business Partner has their own role in how they contribute to the Day and Age Marketing business. Sky Spies is the Managing Director, Chase Jones is the Chief Financial Officer, Benji Arrigo is the Chief Technology Officer, Curtis Null is the Sales Director and Tanatswa Musunda is the Social Media Coordinator.

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ER 361 students Benji Arrigo, Curtis Null, Sky Spies, Chase Jones and Tanatswa Musunda have started a company called Day and Age Marketing.

Day and Age Marketing’s goal is to help local small businesses by marketing small businesses with gaming tournaments, so they can help them get more exposure.

Day and Age Marketing general manager Spies said their company hosts video game tournaments that air content on Twitch.tv while displaying advertisements for small businesses in Cape Girardeau.

“In some cases, we share personal anecdotes of times when we engaged in this endeavor and enjoyed it, in the hopes of convincing some of the audience or attendees that it may be worth pursuing. ‘go check this company out and see if it’s someone they want to do business with too,’ Spies said.

Crowley said the biggest takeaways he wants students to take away from this course are to build confidence and experience what it’s like to be an entrepreneur with all of its ups and downs.

Throughout the course, teachers could see major improvements in their students and the skills they learned.

Crowley said after ER 361, he has his students in the classroom for another year or two, where he can see they’ve made a huge improvement, their mindset has changed, and they’re approaching things. differently.

While still full-time students, these business partners had to learn time management to juggle their business, school, and personal lives.

The spies said that before he started their business he was able to procrastinate, but now he has to make sure he does everything on time, so he has enough time to manage things with the business and personal life.

“It forces you to a level of responsibility and you have to grow,” Spies said.

Curtis Null is the Director of Sales for Day and Age Marketing, and his role as Director of Sales is to go to different businesses and get them to sign up for Day and Age Marketing strategies.

“One of the biggest difficulties is understanding the importance of things, because internships, relationships, school mostly outweigh that. [Day and Age Marketing] business right now just because of where it is, and that’s not the best thing to say when you’re starting a business,” Null said. “But in the short term, we have to do these things to move forward, and it’s hard to figure out which one is more important and put the time and effort into each of them to really blossom.”

Being in ER 361 has helped Day and Age Marketing partners prepare for their future.

“It’s content creation, mostly because that’s what I’ll be doing all summer, and it’s definitely helped me do that for this company, and it’s helped me hone my skills and prepare myself for the next step,” Arrigo said. . “Especially with Adobe After Effects, which will represent 90% of my work this summer, and I had never really worked with it before doing this job.”

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