Marketing Execs on Music, Podcasts at Spotify Visionaries Red Carpet

Asked about the main ways to interact with audience members, eOne’s executive vice president of film marketing, Dora Candelaria, points to music.

“Music is really important in all-around marketing,” Candelaria said. Variety. “You can reach different genres and niche audiences who might watch a movie differently.”

Candelaria was one of many executives who spoke to Variety on the red carpet for the Variety + Spotify Visionaries Dinner: digital marketing event that took place on May 24th. Also in attendance were Dustin Sandoval, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Walt Disney Studios; Scott Donaton, chief marketing officer of Hulu; Tony Bracy, Vice President of Marketing and Promotion at SB Projects and Guy Ram, Vice President of Digital and Social Marketing at NBC Entertainment.

In addition to discussing the marketing power of music, the red carpet executives also discussed the ability of podcasts to engage with fans of works and develop marketing relationships. Sandoval cited fandom podcasts for Marvel Cinematic Universe movies as a great example of how podcasts can engage with fans on a deeper level.

“The MCU is so many different movies, and how it all connects, everyone just wants to talk about it. Podcasts allow for that opportunity, to have that broader, deeper discussion and to really dive into the nuances of film and storytelling. Sandoval said on the red carpet. “Podcasts that have this platform, to dive a little deeper, to bring them into the fold, to bring them into the fold, to have them attend things like the premiere, to have that discussion, it’s just a platform that opened it up in a big way.”

Watch the full video above.

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