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By Matthieu Galdi

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The long lines at the Cyber ​​Café inspired two Dominican marketing students to come up with an online ordering system for the busy café.

Students Viridiana Delgado and Ruth Rodriguez proposed to set up a computerized system that would allow students to order online or use a kiosk to order their food. The kiosk would be similar to those recently added to many fast food restaurants.

“Every day the students stop and grab something to eat and unfortunately the queues can reach the help desk near the door, creating an even greater commotion for those trying to get out of the room. library, “said Delgado, explaining the motivation she and her partner had to come up with the idea

The plan was part of their Marketing 301 course with instructor Elvira Kizilova, who said the idea was promising.

“(It’s) very convenient and could be implemented easily with the help of computer science students,” Kizilova said. “(It) would also be great to eliminate the long lines and get food to people faster.”

Rodriguez and Delgado haven’t calculated the costs and haven’t offered it to college yet.

While chatting with Debra Kash, Director of Ancillary Services, she hinted that they are currently exploring a program for a take out ordering program that could also be used in the internet cafe.

An online ordering system for Cyber ​​Café would work with the current dining room online ordering system option and DU dollars and meal vouchers could purchase those meals, Kash said.

One of the Cyber ​​Café employees, Tim Olsen, had concerns about the idea.

A kiosk could actually add more confusion and traffic, he said, adding that any change would require planning and thought and could not be done overnight.

But the idea is promising.

“(The) menu is simple and can be executed, but it will need more employees and designated tasks to make (an online system) run smoothly,” he said. “Space [at Cyber Café] is not designed for long lines.

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