Molekule Air Purifier Review 2021

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Air purifiers are devices that remove mold, pollutants, and airborne allergens to improve indoor air quality. They can be beneficial for people with asthma or allergies to dust mites or pollen. Molekule is a company that sells air purifiers suitable for a range of environments, from small rooms to hospital settings.

This article describes the Molekule retail brand and air purifiers that are available for purchase online. It also describes some factors to help a person choose the right product and discusses some health considerations.

Molekule air purifiers help reduce indoor air pollution, giving people access to clean air.

The company believes there aren’t enough cures for asthma or allergies, which is why the company has developed a new clean air technology, photoelectrochemical oxidation (PECO).

The company explains that PECO helps combat the effects of polluted air on a person’s health. Air purifiers have filters coated with nanocatalysts that react to light and promote clean air by destroying air pollutants.

The company claims that PECO technology can destroy 99% of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in just 1 hour. The researchers used small chambers and lab tests to find out. However, the company still recommends adhering to CDC guidelines when using Molekule devices.


At the time of publication, Molekule has a rating of 3.21 out of 5 and an A + rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The positive reviews focus on the quality of the air purifier, as people have seen improvement in allergy symptoms.

However, some customers have written that even though Molekule claims their air purifiers work silently, they still make a lot of noise.

In addition, Trustpilot gives the company a rating of 3.7. The negative reviews revolve around customer service issues, but individuals also mention that the air purifier has improved their sleep patterns.

Molekule claims their air purifiers work quietly and do not produce ozone.

Purifiers have a carrying handle that allows users to move the device to different rooms. All models have a vegan leather handle.

Molekule air purifiers come with:

  • a 30 day return policy
  • a 2-year limited warranty
  • filter automatic top-ups

Molekule’s products have a one-time purchase price, but people can also pay in monthly installments.

Please note that the author of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

Mini Air

According to the company, the Molekule Air Mini is the best option for children’s rooms and home offices, as it can filter rooms up to 250 square feet (square feet).

People can put it on a table or counter, because according to the company’s website, it can destroy bacteria, viruses, allergens and chemicals with its PECO technology.

According to limited research, this device could help destroy the Covid-19 virus in small spaces. It does not replace other protective measures.

Some other features include:

  • Molekule app compatibility with Android and iOS devices
  • dimensions of 12 inches (in) (height) and 8.26 in (width)
  • a weight of 7.3 pounds (lb)
  • low sound levels at 39 decibels (dB)

Molekule recommends that a person change the air purifier filter every 6 months.

Air Mini +

This air purifier is suitable for small rooms up to 250 square feet. It is similar to the Air Mini because it includes:

  • a multilayer PECO filter
  • 12 ” (height) and 8.26 ” (width) dimensions
  • a weight of 7.3 lbs

It can destroy bacteria, allergens, chemicals, and viruses such as Covid-19.

However, customers can also benefit from:

  • a particle sensor
  • a particle level indicator
  • an automatic protection mode
  • Apple HomeKit compatibility


This device aims to eliminate pollutants in rooms up to 600 m², such as large bedrooms or living rooms.

It comes with various features, such as:

  • dimensions 23 ” (height) by 8.25 ” (width)
  • a weight of 18 lbs
  • the lowest speed emits 41 dB

Users can also use the touchscreen to select fan speeds, modes, and access filter status.

Molekule’s Air device comes with a pre-filter, which the company recommends replacing every 3 months. The company recommends that one person replace the main PECO filter every 6 months.

Air Pro

The Air Pro protects spaces up to 1,000 square feet and is best for open floor plans and large rooms, according to Molekule.

Individuals who purchase the Air Pro device can benefit from:

  • a triple air flow
  • a particle sensor
  • a touch screen for filter status and air particle levels
  • dimensions of 23.9 ” (height) and 10.9 ” (width)
  • a weight of 22.9 lbs
  • lowest sound level of 33 dB

It also has two automatic protection modes that automatically adjust the fan speed for daytime and nighttime use.

Air Pro RX

Molekule says the Air Pro RX is suitable for medical and commercial spaces. It protects rooms over 600 square feet, such as operating theaters, waiting rooms and emergency departments.

Some features provided with this device include:

  • quick installation
  • easy to scale design
  • does not depend on WiFi
  • dimensions of 22 x 22 x 51 in.
  • a weight of 220 lbs

In addition, according to the Molekule website, the Air Pro RX does not produce ozone and does not disrupt air flow.

Molekule also claims that it helps reduce a person’s exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

People interested in using an air purifier may wish to research some of the following factors before committing to a purchase, including:

  • Room coverage: Air purifiers come in different sizes and people can check the types of rooms they protect. Some air purifiers are suitable for small rooms, while others work in larger spaces, such as hospitals.
  • Lifestyle and conditions: The use of air purifiers can depend on a person’s lifestyle or particular health concerns. For example, people can buy devices that are especially suitable for asthma or a dust mite allergy.
  • Noise Levels: A person may wish to determine whether the noise levels from the device will interfere with their sleep or that of other people.
  • Return policy: A return policy allows people who do not find their air purifier effective to return it for a refund or a replacement.
  • Comments: Reading customer reviews can help a person determine if the product is right for them. Feedback from people and how a business responds to customer issues online can help a person make an informed decision.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that nearly 4 million people die prematurely from diseases associated with domestic air pollution. This can happen when people use polluting stoves that use solid fuels and kerosene.

As a result, a person can develop lung cancer, stroke, and ischemic heart disease, among other conditions.

That said, this 2015 study notes that air filtration can effectively improve indoor air quality. Reducing allergens can prevent disease progression in people of all ages, especially those with asthma or cardiovascular disease.

Besides, a small study 2018 found that the respiratory allergy symptoms of the study participants improved within a week with the use of air purifiers fitted with PECO filters. The participants also noticed an improvement in their sleep patterns.

In addition to using an air purifier, a person can consider certain housekeeping techniques to improve indoor air quality.

These include:

  • use an air conditioner
  • cleaning wet areas
  • keep windows closed during pollen season
  • regular animal grooming

People may consider other brands that sell air purifiers, such as:

  • Dyson: This company offers air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and hair products, such as straighteners. They come with free shipping, a 2-year parts and labor warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Learn more about Dyson air purifiers here.
  • Rabbit Air: Rabbit Air produces quiet air purifiers with a 90 day money back guarantee, free shipping and a 5 year warranty. The website also has articles on using air purifiers in nail salons, nurseries, and homes.
  • Sees it: In addition to air purifiers, Levoit manufactures diffusers, humidifiers and filters. Customers can access free shipping and free returns on all orders.

Molekule air purifiers are available in different sizes to accommodate a range of room sizes.

A person can benefit from using an air purifier if they have asthma or allergies to pollen or dust mites.

A person may wish to review product features, verify that an air purifier is suitable for their lifestyle, and research other companies that make similar products before making a purchase.

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