Opteon’s appraiser software allows appraisers to submit real-time field reports

Technology has radically changed many industries in recent years. The valuation services market has yet to experience the same level of impact, but the pace of change is accelerating. With advances in automation boosting speed and accuracy in other areas, some within the industry believe technology should reduce or eliminate the role of evaluators. But is this really the best way to go?

Opteon, a leading estimating provider, offers an alternative solution and a bold take on same-day turnaround times.

“We cannot continue to provide assessment services in the same way as we have. The market has gone digital and businesses need on-demand access and fast results,” said Chris Knight, CEO of Opteon Group. “However, the traditional method provides an important human element that includes critical thinking and a strong knowledge base. Value and market value are not purely a mathematical equation.

While many stakeholders are turning to algorithms and third-party property inspectors, Opteon is taking a different approach. By equipping experienced assessors with a holistic ecosystem of technology, process and data management, they merge artificial intelligence and human expertise. This approach offers dramatically improved accuracy while retaining the irreplaceable human touch.

“The real estate industry faces juxtaposed problems: outdated processes like incessant phone calls, physical tools and long turnaround times, versus new technological solutions intended to replace the human element. The Opteon solution sits at the crossroads of these options,” said Nick Conteduca, SVP of Tech Innovation at Opteon.

Opteon’s expertise ordering platform is an excellent example of this synergy. On the surface, their platform offers performance-based rater selection and a quick AI review tool that covers over 200 quality checkpoints, but the attention to detail is where their software owner shines. Improved interfaces and smart integrations reduce common frustrations found in other software. Hundreds of tiny differences combine to deliver an experience that inspires confidence in the user.

“Don’t take our word for it.” said Knight. “Test our competitor’s ordering platform, then test ours. The difference will soon be felt. »

Opteon software for evaluators has a similar impact. By automating data imports and other tedious elements, their process-centric software allows evaluators to focus on tasks that require critical human thinking. This technology is accessible via a smartphone or tablet, allowing assessors to submit reports in the field in real time.

Opteon USA’s rapidly growing team employs more than 250 evaluators, and its Opteon University program encourages a new generation of professionals to use this technology. Their growing team will soon be using Opteon software nationwide with the ultimate goal of achieving same-day processing times.

To those who doubt their vision, Opteon USA points to the brand’s counterparts in Australia and New Zealand. These industries also struggled with cumbersome inefficiencies until investment in people, processes, and technology paved the way for a more efficient system. For more than a decade, Opteon has maintained an average turnaround time of two days in these markets.

Today in the United States, Opteon uniquely merges process, technology, data and human critical thinking to deliver a better future for the industry as a whole.

Chris Knight, Group CEO

After a decade at Opteon, Knight assumed the role of CEO in 2016. Since then, he has leveraged his appraiser experience and qualifications in accounting, real estate, appraisals, a Masters in Commercial Real Estate and a Masters in business Administration. to bring same-day processing times to real estate markets around the world.


Nick Conteduca, Senior Vice President of Technology Innovation

Both a Chartered Appraiser and a Chartered Real Estate Broker, Nick Conteduca brings his unique perspective to the appraisal industry. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, he is creating a distinct advantage in the appraisal industry by leveraging technology. Under his leadership, Opteon introduces industry-leading solutions to stay ahead of a changing industry.

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