PA Online Casino Executives Talk About Effective Marketing And Retaining New Players

Spending is buying new online casinos and online sports betting customers. IGaming reading session Agreement last week Digital SBC North America..

But spending to attract customers is Not very profitable Burning a bunch of money Low conversion rate And these customers are not Hold for at least 6 months.. It was a warning.

And reach Long term profitability This means moving the successful player to an additional channel. Omnichannel approach, Each leader agreed.

Given the webinar’s focus on iGaming, the amazing key to long term profits is establishing. Partnership Strong Local real store casino, added the chef.

These were the focal points of the SBC digital session. Catherine lai, first vice-president and general manager Scientific games In the USA.

The members of the Rye Leaders Panel are:

Every business has an online presence Pennsylvania Linked to retail casino properties. The pen is part of the PA base Penn National Gaming, Set to open New retail casino Next month in York County.

The leaders answered this central question: How will the decisions iGaming operators make now affect future growth?

Most of the time there was consensus, but let’s look at their different positions.

Power of the BetMGM brand, effective marketing spend

Acquisition of new users React as quickly.. This is Greenblatt’s point of view. He is of South African descent and has extensive and deep experience in Europe and now in the United States.

Greenblatt’s point of view:

“If you’re not in the market, you’re not in the market and you’re not in the discussion, so ideally being there from day one is a top priority without compromise. But it’s the relationship between what you pay to acquire from players and how much they leave in their lifetime.

“For BetMGM, the inclusion of MGM in its name is an incredible strength as people associate MGM with the best gaming experiences in the world.”

For BetMGM, efficient spending is important.

“With the integration of top-of-the-funnel marketing technology into the product, we can deliver player value with 95 degrees of confidence in 10 days.

“And the relationship between the amount of money you spend on marketing through external channels and the value of players coming through those channels allows you to spend more efficiently and becomes a recipe for victory over time.”

Innovation is important, but the volume of BetMGM is Traditional game And Familiar title, He said.

Greenblatt also said that the amount “players are leaving behind” indicates how much it is wise to spend to attract new players.

Penn Interactive builds on the personality of Barstool, digital marketing

Kaplowitz was two years ago Comcast, Sony Pictures, And that Poker world tour..In the pen, he is responsible Sports Book Bar Stool And, Not only the operation of retail sports betting nationwide.

Kaplowitz’s point of view:

“We are in a unique position because we have two distinct brands and audiences. My choice Mark 20 millions Loyalty card holders, and we are young 100 million powerful social networks By the public Bar stool.. They are very complementary – they do not cannibalize.

“We have a different strategy than our competitors. We have publicly stated that we not only want to be one of the largest operators in the United States, but also one of the most profitable operators. By focusing on your audience, you can gain customers and gain firepower at industry-leading acquisition costs.

The pen is his unique bar stool audience, Profitable digital marketing Includes use of in-brand social media influencers.

“Our approach to marketing is a little different. Our big question is “How do you reduce noise?” “You see the ad after the ad. I think it will be noise.

“So we’re focusing on what we think is best like digital marketing, using influencers, and talent-driven marketing by connecting with Barstool.

“The time will come when operators will have to cut spending to break even, and at that point we believe we will be the strongest. “

Penn says customers want a smooth experience

Kaplowitz said landowners wanted their experience to be like an online game.

He also said he plans to use bar stools in at least eight states by the time football starts. And at the end of the year, there are 12 states. Lounge brand bar stool When it started on the east coast Hollywood Casino Columbus It will open at the beginning of August.

According to Kaplowitz, customers tend to consume sports differently. They watch the highlights online, listen to their personalities and are not tied to live match broadcasts. This fact informs sports betting products and Penn’s marketing approaches.

Leader of the street game Rush

According to Schwartz, iGaming in the United States Generational opportunities Due to the recent relaxation of compliance and legal regulations, one of the largest entertainment media is digitizing rapidly in 20 years after most other media.

And that meant at low price We have added a lawyer with 20 years of experience in the gaming industry to find and retain players.

“We have created unique and differentiated online casino products over the past eight years. Unlike in sports betting, where entertainment takes place mostly outside of the app (courts and sports fields), in casinos the app itself creates fun. “

Owner of Rush Street, BetRivers PA The brand is reviewing the results of its marketing efforts, including new markets.

“We announced in a recent earnings announcement that we would walk through the door with us in the past and get our award in 6 months for new players, and that was for New Jersey.

“We have now enlarged it. All of the country’s markets, including the sports betting market, were recovered in 6 months. This made more investment in marketing and in the long run. It’s very exciting for the business because it means it can be profitable. “

According to Schwartz, Rush relies on “classic track and field titles” because it lacks the young clientele that comes with Barstool.

Rye concludes the conversation

Moderator Lai pointed out that “omnichannel” was a new buzzword a year ago. But now everyone in the industry is using it.

The reason is that players who seamlessly switch from online to head-to-head play bring more value. And that explains why casino operators try Transition to cashless..

She also said there was more convergence. The operator tries to seduce Athletes at iGamingIt’s only four states, but it’s expanding.

Why online is at the center of the industry

Any future growth of the game in AP Online gambling As habits have changed and been strengthened by COVID-19 (novel coronavirus infection)..

According to regulators Total Game Revenue in May PA online casino numbers are $ 110.7 million..It was shy Record $ 111.6 million To start March, And just Over $ 105.4 million in April Figure.

Online slots revenue topped $ 76.7 million in May, with online table games accounting for around $ 31.4 million. Total gaming revenue from all sources including athletics casinos, $ 413.1 million in May..

BetMGM is one of three brands of Penn National, a leading iGaming operator in the market. Rush Street with Bet Rivers, PlaySugarHouse,and Volgata The brand has the second highest market share in PA. Take a look at the May 2021 GGR online.

Licensee Online brand Total revenue Slot machine income Table games turnover Poker income
Hollywood Hollywood | Kings of the draft | BetMGM $ 43,471,799 $ 27,521,047 $ 15,671,987 $ 278,765
Philadelphia River Sugar house | BetRivers | Volgata $ 30,704,877 $ 26,773,912 $ 3,863,711 $ 67,254
Valley Forge FanDuel $ 17,567,289 $ 8,803,243 $ 8,764,046
Airy mount PokerStars $ 8,617,943 $ 4,790,479 $ 1,570,054 $ 2,257,411
Parx Parx $ 5,179,401 $ 4,768,164 $ 411,237
Mohegan Sun University $ 2,360,658 $ 2,017,391 $ 343,268
Harras Caesar $ 2,056,429 $ 1,658,806 $ 397,624
Presque Isle TwinSpires $ 989,068 $ 760,907 $ 228,161
Philadelphia Live Play live $ 856,670 $ 809,279 $ 47,391
The wind stream The wind stream – $ 1,034,051 – $ 1,135,972 $ 101,921
total $ 110,770,084 $ 76,767,256 $ 31,399,399 $ 2,603,430

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