Proof Experiences leads the evolution of experiential marketing with recent Health Canada business victory, senior promotions and new hires

TORONTO, June 7, 2021 / CNW / – In a year when most business models have been forced to change, the experiential marketing industry has had to reinvent itself in order to survive. Proof Experiences has focused on innovation and doesn’t just survive, but thrive, despite the inability to engage consumers in person.

“We have taken quick and early steps to capitalize on virtual events and stimulate thought leadership when it comes to creating inspiring experiences – despite the pandemic,” said Lisa Barrans, President of Proof Experiences. “As a result, we have seen business growth, expanded client mandates and new recent business wins, which has resulted in a series of promotions and hires at higher levels. “

New business in healthcare and several post-secondary institutions including Queens, University of Toronto, University of Ottawa and expanded mandates with Metro and Canada Post contributed to growth within the agency and led to the formalization of the “Experiential Learning” group within the agency. This team of experts had previously focused on live consumer education programs with a full pivot to virtual in 2020.

A recent major victory for Health Canada in several portfolios will only add additional strength to this internal group of experts.

“One of our main lessons of the past year has been the appetite of all sectors – private or public – to integrate experiences as a tool for effective engagement with their audiences,” adds Barrans. “From classrooms to kitchens, backyards and boardrooms, brands and businesses have embraced experiential learning to engage students, customers and employees. Whether you’re taking an online cooking or gardening class, engaging employees through job training, or educating yourself on home renovations, experiential learning has taken off under confinement. “

As a result of this substantial growth, several senior promotions are announced, including:

Kelly Power has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Customer Service at Proof Experiences.

In the 6+ years since joining the company, Kelly has been instrumental in growing business within the agency, including within our Conferences and Events division. As a member of the executive team, she will continue to be a trusted strategic advisor to many key accounts in the realm of live, virtual and hybrid experiences.

Madison Holton has been promoted to Group Director, Customer Service. After 10 years with the agency, resident “McIver” has become the go-to person for large, integrated and stimulating campaigns. In addition to leading several of the largest client portfolios, Madison also oversees important work for Health Canada and, over the past year, has successfully transitioned several large school programs from direct to virtual.

Bibianna Poon has been promoted to Group Director, Customer Service. She joined Proof Experiences as an expert in conference and incentive travel and was keen to develop her customer experience skills. Bibi not only led some of Proof Experience’s most impressive XM campaigns during her 8 years with the agency, but she was also a key contributor in building the conference and events pillar of the leader of the industry that it is today.

Last year, Bibi was instrumental in PXP’s shift from live to virtual. In the weeks following the escalation of the pandemic in Canada, all the conferences and all the events were canceled and Bibi was quick to get its clients and team moving in the virtual space.

Kelly, Madison and Bibi will play an important role in shaping the future of the organization by helping to develop new pillars of service, including virtual and hybrid experiences and experiential learning, and will lead their teams through the next phase. growth of Proof Experiences.

Shea thompson has also been promoted to Supervisor, Customer Service and will continue to support the experiential learning team overseeing Health Canada. Shea was instrumental in launching the agency’s first Virtual Brand Ambassador program last year and has clearly demonstrated the viability and value of virtual experiences in schools.

Several new hires in the creation, account service and production of virtual events will support the continued growth of the agency.


Proof Experiences Inc. is a Canadian industry leader in experiential marketing, learning, and conference and event services. Named in the Best Workplaces ™ 2018 and 2019 in Canada list and previously ranked among the 500 fastest growing companies in Canada by PROFIT, the agency has also implemented EDI and CSR strategies that include women in leadership, employee well-being and overall alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Founded in 1999, Proof Experiences specializes in information and metrics-based brand experiences and experiential learning and is a member of the independent Proof family of companies.

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Kelly Power, Senior Vice President, Customer Service at Proof Experiences (CNW Group / Proof Experiences Inc.)

Madison Holton, Group Director, Customer Service (CNW Group / Proof Experiences Inc.)

Madison Holton, Group Director, Customer Service (CNW Group / Proof Experiences Inc.)

Bibianna Poon, Group Director, Customer Service (CNW Group / Proof Experiences Inc.)

Bibianna Poon, Group Director, Customer Service (CNW Group / Proof Experiences Inc.)

Shea Thompson, Supervisor, Customer Service (CNW Group / Proof Experiences Inc.)

Shea Thompson, Supervisor, Customer Service (CNW Group / Proof Experiences Inc.)

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