The College of New Caledonia keeps its menstrual promises with free menstrual products – Caledonia Courier

CNC now provides free menstrual products on college campuses to help end period poverty among college students and support their success.

The CNC has installed menstrual product dispensers in women’s and gender-neutral washrooms at the college’s six campuses in north-central British Columbia in ongoing discussions with college leaders.

“In developing our proposal to submit to the CNC, we partnered with other student unions from the BC Federation of Students for the United Way-designed ‘Period Promise’ campaign,” said CNCSU organizer Guntas Kanda. “We are grateful to the college for their work in reviewing our proposal and making it a reality.”

CNCSU Women’s Representative Anuroop Kaur said for many years that the students’ union provided donated menstrual products if students unexpectedly needed them or couldn’t afford them.

“The service has been heavily used, demonstrating a need,” Kaur added. “Offering these products for free in restrooms will allow students easy access to the products they need without shame or stigma.”

As part of the college’s budget process, CNCSU submitted a proposal to provide the products in restrooms on all campuses.

“NCCSU has thoughtfully advocated for expanded access to menstrual products,” said Shelley Carter-Rose, CNC vice president of student affairs and college liaison to CNCSU. “We want to ensure that students have a positive college experience, and our ongoing work between CNC management and CNCSU representatives has highlighted the importance of this project. It is a key component of our lhulh whuts’odutel’eh — Learning Together strategic plan and our commitment to student success.

The college executive approved the proposal earlier in 2022. The CNC board approved the plan in the college’s annual budget last spring.

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