The incredible fragmentation of data-driven media and marketing

In this latest edition of The MadTech Sketch, Ciarán O’Kane provides insight into the fragmented state of the data-driven media and marketing landscape.

Most coverage of this industry remains a reductive exercise. The mantra of duopoly and triopoly market dominance continues to make it seem like all media spending is pocketed by two to three oversized Silicon Valley monopolies.

Outside of SME spending, you can make a strong case against this thesis.

We are now in an era of extreme fragmentation where marketers and agencies have more choice than ever to activate media/data upstream and downstream of the marketing funnel.

Eric Seufert pointed out the ATT effect (App Tracking & Transparency) has had on Walled Gardens in terms of attribution and revenue headwinds.

More privacy on this platform is coming. The market share of the iPhone is on the rise, which worries Google executives. Expect more ATT-like features from Google. This will only compound the attribution issues for the likes of Meta and Snap.

The rise of new, sales-laden media channels, such as retail media, will divert spending away from big platforms. Ad-supported streaming options like Netflix and Disney+ are also turning the heads of agencies and marketers. And let’s not forget the open web where open standards, quality content, and ad-tech innovation keep that spending going.

In this edition of MadTech Sketch, I describe this incredible fragmentation of the media and data-driven marketing ecosystem, giving each segment a “high” or “low” ticker in terms of health check.

Remember: where there is chaos, there is opportunity, especially for ad technologies that solve the really big problems.

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