The marketing services industry has experienced a huge boom over the past decade

The marketing services industry has recently developed around the world, which has led to the emergence of entities specializing in this lucrative field.

Institutions and countries have used marketing companies to grab the world’s attention, which has helped the UAE market itself as a tourism and entertainment destination and Paris as a fashion capital.

In this regard, Mai Al-Nahrawi – the owner and chairman of the board of the Marketing House – said that the marketing services industry has greatly contributed to economic development at the local and international levels, noting that the houses of marketing Expertise in this area has become a major cog in the development process.

Nahrawi pointed out that Egypt has engaged such entities to support and strengthen Egyptian identity and market it globally, citing the positive influence of the Pharaohs Golden Parade and the reopening of the avenue. Luxor Sphinx on Tourism and Infrastructure Development in Egypt.

Economically, Nahrawi explained that marketing companies have significantly contributed to e-commerce volume growth in Egypt to exceed EGP 100 billion in 2021, adding that she expects the e-commerce volume to reach $ 1.2 trillion worldwide by 2025..

The Marketing House seeks to become one of the largest entities that help boost the growth rates of the Egyptian economy through its central role in developing marketing plans for companies operating in the market, small and medium companies to large institutions, in order to increase their spread to local and regional levels.

The Marketing House has already signed partnership agreements with a large number of institutions in recent times, mainly Alex West, the Egyptian Foundation for Reproductive Medicine and Embryology, Dubetta and others.

She added that her company has helped these companies study the market and develop short and medium term strategies that have been successful in increasing their business volume.

The company is also pursuing an expansion strategy to provide marketing services to include digital and traditional methods together, in all sectors, mainly in healthcare and retail sectors, taking advantage of the transformation. digital technology that Egypt is currently experiencing, she stressed.

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