The Salvation Army Salina in good hands, no matter who leads the next

New officers are making their way to the Army at Salina de Salina next month, but their predecessor left a legacy and an opportunity for these next leaders to thrive in the community.

Captain Lynn Lopez has received her marching orders and will move to Nebraska for a new role in the Salvation Army at the end of June, but she has said she will miss Salina and the body here for all of her time. .

“I loved, loved, loved meeting so many wonderful people here,” said Lopez.

She also said that she has had great experiences teaming up with the body members here in Salina and working with others in the community.

Start a new chapter in life

Lopez said her new role will be in Beatrice, Nebraska where she will be the West Division / Division Headquarters / Service Extension Coordinator – 360 Life Center.

“What this really implies… is that I will be opening this 360 Life Center,” Lopez said.

Much like Kansas, Nebraska has many rural areas that the Salvation Army serves with extension service units.

“I’m going to plant this (in Beatrice),” Lopez said. “I will be their corps officer and their pastor.”

She said this site will have everything the Salvation Army can provide in one place, including social services, a thrift store, food and meal programs and other needs.

“It’s up to people to come and get help with everything in one place,” Lopez said.

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Salina’s body is set up for success

Lopez is grateful that Salina’s body is in good hands no matter who comes in as new officers, thanks to the work that her team has been doing in recent years.

“This body right here … is operational, its programming is fluid and I’m sure our new officers will be able to pick it up and run with it,” Lopez said.

She said she felt like a lot had been done in the four and a half years that she was here.

“Things are on track for the future,” Lopez said.

Lopez doesn’t yet know who will be coming as officers from Salina’s corps, but she and the rest of the community will find out in a few weeks, as the Salvation Army will be hosting a commissioning ceremony on June 13. Lopez said anyone can watch the service by signing up to

Some of the current captains have spouses in training to become officers themselves, so it will be a team that comes to Salina to lead here.

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“It will most likely be a family, but we don’t know what kind of family yet,” Lopez said.

She said that no matter who comes, the trajectory of Salina’s body will continue to rise and the mission will continue to be to serve and reflect the community he calls home.

“It will be a bilingual body,” Lopez said. “It is important that we continue our Hispanic ministry as well as our English ministry.”

Lopez has stated that Salina’s corps is not that of the Salvation Army, it is not his, nor will it be the new officer corps. Rather, it will belong to the people who live here.

“We operate it, but, for the (people of) the town of Salina and the county of Saline, this is your community center,” Lopez said.

The way Lopez talks about the number of Salvation Army values ​​reflected in this community makes him believe that this will be a great place for new officers and that they will certainly be welcome in their new home.

“It’s the most wonderful community to live in,” Lopez said. “People are kind and care about each other. This is not a selfish community. They are just an amazing example of what a community looks like when it makes a difference.”

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