These 7 beauty trends taking over in 2022, according to Cosmo

With each new year comes a new set of beauty trends. Last year we saw trends like slugging and dolphin skin take off. So what does 2022 have in store?

Cosmopolitan Beauty Director Julee Wilson joined at 3 AM TODAY to share the beauty trends and products we should expect to see in 2022. From your scalp to your nails, Wilson has choices that are sure to improve almost every part of your beauty routine.

Read on for trending beauty products that have a Beauty Director’s seal of approval.

Trendy beauty products for 2022

Byredo color stick in Purple Stinger

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022 is “Veri Peri”, a color that resembles periwinkle. Wilson says there are a number of ways that the “cheerful and super wearable” color can be incorporated into your beauty routine, but it’s fun to be bold with lipstick.

Byredo Ultramagnetic Color Stick

This metallic shade can make a splash on your lips or can even be used as a bold eye shadow. It can be mixed, so you can decide how far dark or light you want to go.

Rem Beauty Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow at Science Fair

This metallic eye shadow from Ariana Grande’s new beauty line, rem beauty, is another easy way to incorporate the color of the year into your makeup. It is waterproof, wrinkle-resistant and can even be used as an eyeliner.

Chillhouse Chill Tips in the Study Room

Don’t have time for the show? Wilson says these snap nails are “the easiest way to get a fly manicure.” They come in a range of reusable designs, and at just $ 16, you don’t have to feel like you’re splurging. You’ll just need to glue them with non-toxic glue, but you can reuse them over and over again for a salon-quality look.

Gods Forever Eye Mask

According to Wilson, these eye masks “are a total game changer.” They are made from medical grade silicone which encourages your favorite serums or creams to fully penetrate the skin. Since the masks do not come with a serum, you are free to use your own products that you already like. You can use them for 20 minutes at a time and reuse them over and over again. Say goodbye to single-use eye masks!

Scalp-Serum Beauty Bar

You’re probably already using a serum on your face, but what about your scalp? Wilson says a scalp serum is the newest and most effective way to improve your hair care routine. This serum from Bread Beauty Supply works to remove product build-up using ingredients such as mandelic acid and gluconolactone, while promoting hair growth.

Dehiya Mihakka

There are an overwhelming number of beauty tools and gadgets on the market, but Wilson says this simple tool has stood the test of time. It is a Mihakka, a tool originating in Marrakech which is used to exfoliate the skin. It is made of terracotta and covered with cotton and can be used on your face and body to remove dead skin and brighten your complexion.

Payot My Payot Sleep & Glow Mask

We all want to wake up with glowing skin, and according to Wilson, this mask can help make that happen. It goes to work while you sleep, so you can look well rested and glowing in the morning (even if you haven’t slept for a full eight hours). You can use it twice a week in place of your nighttime skincare routine for brighter skin.

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